About us
“Above all, the brand Capucine is a love story born over 30 years ago, that grows and renews itself at every moment ... A love for fashion and beautiful fabrics that I share with you and those contributing to the writing of this story.”
Yahel Nezri
“Opening of the first showroom”
The brand's founders, David and Yahel Nezri, opened their first women's ready-to-wear showroom in Marseille in 1988. As Women's Fashion and clothing wholesalers, they aim to design and manufacture their own lines.
“First exclusive collection”
New pieces of clothing grow years after years, until 1995, that charts a new direction, as David and Yahel introduce their first collection, made up entirely of exclusive designs. The collections will be renewed according to the trends and styles of the seasons.
“Start of manufacturing in Italy”
Willing to work with more noble, quality fabrics, such as wool, linen, silk, ..., David will start travelling through Italy in the early 2000s, and engage in the first partnerships with textile manufacturing factories known for their Italian craftsmanship and savoir-faire.
“Capucine, Made In Italy”
The Italian manufacturing has taken a major place in the collections. Since 2006, more than 80% of the clothing is guaranteed with the "Made In Italy" label under the brand Capucine.
“Opening of the B2B E-Shop”
The pace of collections speeds up with more than 20 new designs each week. Meanwhile, the distribution models evolve. Since 2015, the traditional printed catalog has given way to a “B2B” website, designed for professionals only, allowing you to discover and order the collections online directly.
Capucine is a recognized brand, with a strong image, a dynamic social media presence, and a controlled distribution network. The collections are distributed in France and internationally, exclusively to "physical" stores.